Learn how to build your own fully scalable, limitless, online store from scratch!

Hi, I’m Melvin..

I'm here to help guide you through eCOM MASTERS 101. Are you ready to learn and have some fun along the way?

My goal is to have you all setup with your own online store by the end of the course. But you'll have to meet me halfway, its my content and expertise combined with your execution and motivation to learn.

One last thing I want you to know.. This is your moment to tear through those yellow paper walls and re-define your future. The digital world is here and its changed the way we live, including the way we shop!

So what say you dashing human.. are you ready?

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There's multiple options for your online store, and Yup! We cover them all...

Online Store from Home

For smaller stores you can keep your products at home, in your garage, or using a 3rd party logistics warehouse. Then simply send goods out as and when the orders roll in.

Online Store with Amazon FBA

You can outsource your store with Amazon FBA who not only hold the goods for you, but will also dispatch them to customers automatically as the orders roll into your online store.

Online Store with Dropshipping

For smarter operators, you can have a zero stock online store. Goods are sent out as and when orders are placed directly from the manufacturer, that's called "Dropshipping"